This is the first post on the new Palmer’s website. We’ve actually had the doors open for 19 months already but it’s taken a lot longer than we’d hoped (like most things) to get the website up and running. There are still a few places where we’re adding content and getting things fully set up but the core features of the site are working and we can add things when we find the odd five minutes.

A big thank you goes to Matty for all of his hard work on the site, both for us and our sister pub The Geese & Fountain. Matty started working on these for us nearly 2 years ago and with one thing and another it’s taken till this month for us to finally get them live but he has been nothing but understanding and patient every step of the way. We’re really please with how both sites look & function, and that’s really down to him. THANKS MATTY!

So what’s the point of all this? Well obviously the site has all of our details on it – where we’re based, how to contact us, what’s on the menu, etc. But it also has all of our upcoming events, more detailed explanations of why we choose to stock the products we sell, and soon it will have a directory of all the local and independent suppliers we use. This latest news section, similar to an old school blog, is where you can find both the latest updates from the pub but also some ramblings from me (Sophie) about the day to day of running a pub and the current state of the hospitality industry (& this tiny island of beer & anger).

So, have a look around, make yourself at home and welcome to Palmer’s – how can we help?